We borked something. Or we're upgrading or fixing something. Or are attemping to bring the site upright on another server. Or at least trying to. We may or may not be successful. This site has just gotten too big and bloated for its britches. Come back later and find out if we got it back up and running. Now would be a good time to go out and see the great outdoors or your family or something.

Seriously, though, we're trying to find a better chunk of code to manage the massive amount of data being created by indexing Bend Blogs, parsing, and displaying them. If you have any good PHP, Ruby, or even Perl packages, let me know. Gregarius is a great package, but it's killing this server whenever it does anything. Email below if you have any ideas, a truckload of money to pay somebody else to create the software I'm looking for, or would like to help develop something (Jake doesn't have that kind of free time on his hands).

-BendBlogs.com Server Monkeys